CO2 dot matrix laser, the bane of acne pits and sunken scars, feel the changes of skin texture

In recent years, the application of dot matrix laser has brought good news to scar patients. It has been applied to the treatment of different types of scars and received good curative effect. Clinical research shows that dot matrix laser can effectively improve post acne scar, atrophic scar and postoperative scar. However, there is still little research on whether to treat in time in the early stage of scar formation.

The early intervention treatment of traumatic scar with CO2 dot matrix laser has achieved satisfactory results.

clinical data

There were 35 cases of scar, 15 cases of traumatic scar and 20 cases of postoperative scar; There were 23 cases of face, 5 cases of trunk and 7 cases of limbs. Skin Fitzpatrick was classified as type III ~ V, and debridement and suture were performed in the local hospital on the day of injury. All patients had not received other anti scar treatment before.

therapeutic method

After 4 weeks of wound healing, CO2 dot matrix laser local irradiation was performed once every two months, a total of 3 times. The laser parameters were selected according to the patient’s age, skin color and scar. The single wavelength CO2 dot matrix laser mode is selected for treatment, in which the energy is 20 ~ 60mj and the pulse width is 0.5 ~ 2.5ms. The treatment parameters shall be selected from a small dose, and the reaction shall be observed. If the patient can tolerate it, the energy can be appropriately increased, the treatment spots can overlap by 10%, and the parameters around the eyes, the parts with thin skin and the people with dark skin color can be appropriately reduced. Before laser treatment, compound lidocaine cream was routinely used for surface anesthesia for 1H. Cold compress for 30 minutes immediately after treatment, and topical use of mometasone furoate cream for 3 days on the same day, once a day.

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