How much does it cost to repair stretch marks

Laser is generally used to repair stretch marks. Dot matrix laser can remove stretch marks very well. Dot matrix laser can instantly penetrate the skin to the breaking point, completely connect the broken network structure composed of collagen and elastin, and restore the prosperity, hardness and toughness of the skin. Stimulate the growth of collagen in the cell tissue at the breaking point and accelerate the recovery of the connecting point, so as to make the abdominal skin Fuller, smoother and tighter. There are many factors affecting how much it costs to repair stretch marks.

Treatment course of repairing stretch marks: the treatment cost should be determined according to the length of the specific treatment course;

The pigment depth of stretch marks affects the price of removing stretch marks. Deep pigment should be treated many times, so how much money to remove stretch marks should be higher accordingly;

Size of stretch marks: if stretch marks are large, the treatment scope will be expanded, so the treatment will take time, that is to say, multiple treatments are needed, so the cost of removing stretch marks is naturally high;

Equipment for repairing stretch marks: good equipment will also have a much better effect on treating stretch marks, but the price is relatively higher, but generally it will not exceed the acceptance range of ordinary people;

Hospital for repairing stretch marks: due to different technologies and equipment, the amount of money for removing stretch marks must be different in different hospitals;

Experts in repairing stretch marks: different experts have different freckle removal prices due to different technologies and experience.