Laser hair removal and various hair removal methods

Hand hair removal is easy to cause pain when pulling hair because many capillaries and capillaries are concentrated at the root of hair. Local ice compress before hair removal can make the skin feel numb, which is an effective measure to reduce pain. However, it should also be noted that excessive force should not be used when plucking.

Razor depilation using razor depilation, the cuticle of the skin is very easy to be damaged. Before shaving, apply proper amount of lotion, moisturizing cream and shaving cream to protect the skin and smooth the shaving process. However, it should also be noted that do not use a razor for hair removal during bathing. There are many bacteria during bathing. Once the skin is shaved, it is easy to cause bacterial infection. Often use a razor to shave, and sometimes the skin will turn black. If it is found, use other hair removal methods as soon as possible to avoid pigment precipitation and color spots.

Depilatory cream can quickly destroy the structure of hair, so as to achieve the purpose of depilation. It is convenient and painless. It is suitable for large-area use, but it can not pull up the hair by roots, so the effect can only last for about two weeks. As it is a chemical agent, special attention should be paid to prevent allergy when using it. During the physiological period, it is not suitable to use depilatory cream in the groin. Do not use deodorant and soap within three hours after using depilatory cream to avoid adverse reactions.

Electric hair removal is a reliable method for permanent hair removal. Although the method is good, it can not be used indiscriminately. The hair in the ears and nostrils can not be taken off, because the hair in these places can filter dust. The hair on the skin nevus cannot be removed. The skin has infection and inflammation and cannot depilate. Those who are receiving hormone drug treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy cannot depilate. Wax depilation wax depilation has two kinds: Frozen wax and hot wax. No matter which method is used, it is necessary to routinely disinfect the skin of the depilation part, because the depilation is to apply wax on the cloth, stick it on the skin, and then remove it to achieve the purpose of depilation, so it is forbidden for people with furuncle and infection, otherwise the skin will be torn. Lift quickly and gently to relieve pain.

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