Laser hair removal_ How long can laser hair removal be achieved

I believe you all know laser hair removal. There must be some results of this operation, but how long can this result last? Due to the difference in the number of individual hair, generally speaking, laser hair removal can achieve long-term hair removal after about 3-5 times. Later, together with Xiaobian, stare at what laser hair removal is.

Laser hair removal_ How long can laser hair removal be achieved

What is laser hair removal? Laser hair removal is to destroy hair follicles by laser or light, so as to remove hair for a long time. Its principle is to absorb a certain wavelength of light according to the pigment in hair follicles, so as to generate heat. When the heat energy reaches a certain process, the hair follicles can be burned. It uses the concept of selective photothermal of laser.

How many times is laser hair removal better? In fact, the results of hair removal can be seen after laser hair removal once. However, due to the self-healing function of hair follicles, it generally needs to be done about 3-5 times to achieve the ideal and lasting hair removal results.

Naturally, the more dense the hair of people seeking beauty, or the thicker and harder the hair, or the larger the space of the hair, the more operations will be required. Generally speaking, after three to five times, the hair at the hair removal position will change thinner and softer, and the color will not be so bright Black, the distribution will not be so Thick, it is enough to reach the results that are not clear from the entertainment distance. However, if the beauty seeker thinks that the hair in this place needs another layer of surgery, he can also follow the condition of the beauty seeker after a treatment process and perform the next surgery for a certain period of time, Until the beauty seeker is more satisfied with his own hair removal position.

The interruption time of each hair removal operation is generally about 4-8 weeks, because it is necessary to let fresh hair develop before reoperation. In the end, you can see that laser hair removal is always effective. As long as laser hair removal works well with the therapist, it will not form signs of side effects. Probably laser hair removal will not form any side effects.

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