Minimally invasive treatment with CO2 dot matrix laser to improve the appearance and function of hand scar

What kind of scene is CO2 dot matrix laser treating scar? What is the effect? Next, Dr. Lu will introduce it with an example.

The patient, an elderly female, came to our department for treatment because of left hand dysfunction caused by scar hyperplasia for half a year after skin grafting on the back of her left hand scalded by fire and hot oil.

The patient said that there was no infection after skin grafting. After the skin grafting area healed, he actively carried out various anti scar treatments, including oral asiaticoside tablets and topical asiaticoside cream, kangruibao, elastic clothes and scar patch, which had no obvious effect. The scar on the left hand continued to grow and thicken.

Physical examination showed obvious scar hyperplasia in the skin graft area of the left back, and the flexion and extension functions of the left wrist, left middle finger and ring finger were impaired

Minimally invasive surgical treatment

After communicating with the patient, the patient agreed to CO2 dot matrix laser treatment. The operation was performed in the outpatient operating room under local anesthesia. The operation was smooth, the patients had no discomfort, and there was basically no bleeding in the operation area.

On the third day after operation, the dressing was changed, as shown in the following figure: the operation area was complete, without obvious damage and wound, no infection, and the operation was extremely minimally invasive.

The condition improved 6 months after operation

After one dot matrix laser treatment, the second dot matrix laser treatment should have been carried out 3 months later. Because the patient consciously improved his symptoms and did not return to the hospital in time, he was still active in functional exercise. After the follow-up visit again this month, the appearance and function of the scar on the left hand were significantly improved by comparison of photos and videos, which showed that the scar became thinner, softer, more flexible, and the mobility and speed of wrist and fingers increased.

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