New applications of CO2 lattice laser

Carbon dioxide dot matrix laser emits laser through scanning dot matrix to form a burning area composed of laser action dot matrix and interval in skin tissue, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment. In the past, it was mainly used to treat scars and skin aging. In recent years, dermatologists have referred to the clinical experience of fire acupuncture in the treatment of vitiligo, applied it to the treatment of vitiligo, and achieved ideal clinical efficacy. There may be two mechanisms: one is inflammation and immune response secondary to local mild heat injury and its repair process; Second, it increases the transdermal absorption of drugs by increasing the permeability of stratum corneum. Carbon dioxide dot matrix laser is weaker than many traditional methods, but it has less trauma and no risk of scar. Therefore, facial leukoplakia with high aesthetic requirements has gradually become the first choice for treatment. Generally, it is treated once every 2-4 weeks. This method is combined with traditional medicine, illumination and other treatments, and the curative effect is better.

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