Principle of dot matrix laser therapy

Dot matrix laser is an image title. The dot matrix CO2 laser source is CO2 molecules. The laser points are arranged in an array, referred to as “dot matrix”. By generating array like micro beams, after acting on the skin and vaginal mucosa, multiple three-dimensional cylindrical micro thermal damage areas are formed, and there are undamaged normal tissues around each micro damage area. Achieve the best results with minimal damage.

Characteristics of dot matrix laser therapy

  1. The output mode of dot matrix laser is diversified, and a variety of laser operations can be carried out. Accurate soft tissue stripping, resection and vaporization have the advantages of less damage to surrounding tissues, short operation time, less bleeding, no suture and bandage, synchronous sterilization and fast wound healing.
  2. Unique energy control mode: it can accurately control the depth and range of operation, and accurately guide the laser to any narrow part, making the operation easy.

Therapeutic superiority

Carbon dioxide dot matrix laser treatment technology is a safe and effective treatment method, mild your skin or mucous membrane, no burning, tingling, peeling and other discomfort, no redness and swelling after operation, and zero infection in the whole treatment process. It has significant curative effect on common gynecological diseases such as atrophic vaginitis, vulvar leukoplakia, urinary incontinence and vaginal relaxation.

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