Three advantages of dot matrix laser rejuvenation

Around us, there are all kinds of advertisements that can make the skin as tender and white as milk. Those advertisements always make beauty lovers who are not enough to whiten and tender skin feel inferior. At the same time, they show that the modern aesthetic view of skin is to whiten and tender. What if the skin is dark yellow and has various defects? Dot matrix laser rejuvenation can solve various skin problems and meet the rejuvenation needs of many beauty lovers. However, do you know the three advantages of dot matrix laser rejuvenation?

Three advantages of dot matrix laser skin rejuvenation:

Advantages 1. Personalized treatment can meet the requirements of different skin types

According to the needs of patients, the treatment can be adjusted in the range of 5% – 100%. Different spot densities can be selected for treatment according to the symptoms and needs of patients, and personalized treatment schemes can be determined for each customer. Only dot matrix laser can achieve 5-100% adjustment, and a single treatment can produce significant curative effect. According to the treatment depth of the patient, determine the treatment target tissue, such as skin discoloration, fine lines, roughness and scar tissue, and select different vaporization depth for treatment.

Advantage 2. It can effectively stimulate collagen regeneration and increase skin resistance

According to scientific statistics, the ability of lattice laser to stimulate collagen regeneration is about three times that of ordinary photons, which is mainly due to the strong photothermal effect of lattice laser. In the same time, the broken collagen is stimulated more by heating, and its regeneration activity is more obvious. The emission time of each beam of dot matrix laser is shortened within milliseconds. After repeated heating, the collagen is fully mobilized, secretes more collagen and reconstitutes collagen and elastic fiber network.

Advantage 3. Segmented vaporization focus, no bleeding and shortened downtime

The dot matrix laser adopts the “micro bridge dot matrix” technology to decompose the large light spot into several small beams to act on the skin, which can not only ensure that the dot matrix micropores evenly cover the skin surface, reduce the overlap of light spots, but also reduce the thermal damage of laser light and heat to the skin. At the same time, the normal skin with the same distance is reserved between each small laser beam, spontaneously start the wound healing mechanism, and make full use of the micro bridge to heal quickly and return to normal. The treatment process has no bleeding and the downtime is shortened by half, which brings convenience to normal study and life.