What are the advantages of carbon dioxide lattice laser?

  1. Small trauma and quick recovery

The internationally leading microporous dot matrix technology (pore size 0.1mm) is adopted to quickly repair the micro wound in a short time, completely retain the barrier function of the skin, reduce the epidermal trauma and shorten the recovery time of patients.

  1. Point by point scanning, efficient and safe, reduce side effects

The “point by point scanning” lattice technology carried by the treatment system is controlled by a microcomputer to act the laser beam as thin as hair on the affected parts one by one without heat overlap, which can significantly reduce the occurrence of side effects.

  1. The treatment is fine and rapid, and the curative effect is better

The depth and density (coverage) of the dot matrix can be accurately controlled by the computer, which makes the treatment more precise and the curative effect more guaranteed; and the maximum treatment area of 18x18mm can be scanned, making the treatment process faster.

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