What are the advantages of laser hair removal

There are not a few people who choose laser hair removal, and there may even be a little more. Take off the hair that affects our beauty, so that we can look better. Let’s show as we want. What are the advantages of laser hair removal? It can make so many young ladies and sisters feel favored. Let’s have a look together.

Advantages of laser hair removal_ What are the advantages of laser hair removal

  1. The laser can be fully absorbed by our hair follicle tissue, and at the same time, it can pass through our skin tissue to reach the location of our hair follicle. It is better for the absorption of melanin. It can also penetrate into the deep layer of the lower epidermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue. It can effectively remove any part of the human body for different parts and different depths of hair follicles, Hair of any depth.
  2. Adjusting the light pulse time can not only protect our epidermis, but also remove hair of different thickness, which can have a better hair removal effect. The required laser pulse time is directly related to the thickness of our own hair. The thicker the hair, the longer the laser pulse time, It can ensure that we can not only have ideal hair removal effect, but also effectively protect our epidermis from heat damage.
  3. Pigmentation is very suitable for intercontinental traditional laser hair removal. Skin pigmentation caused by laser hair removal will lead to skin inflammation, especially ruby or emerald laser. This inflammation is more obvious. Good instruments can achieve laser hair removal and little laser energy absorbed by the epidermis, There will be no melanin precipitation and no inflammation.
  4. The patented sapphire contact cooling technology is safe and does not damage the skin. The contact cooling laser head keeps the sapphire window close to the skin during treatment, so that our local epidermis can be cooled at about 5 degrees, which can effectively protect the normal skin from thermal damage, reduce our pain, increase treatment energy and improve the curative effect. Also make the laser head press down on the skin, make the hair follicles fall down, and increase the absorption of laser by 30% – 40%.
  5. Square large light spot, quickly remove hair and speed up treatment. The spot of laser hair removal is designed as a square spot of 9 mm. When large-area skin hair removal is carried out, the efficiency is improved, the speed is accelerated, and the treatment overlapping dead zone formed by the traditional laser circular spot can be eliminated.

The laser hair removal equipment in the regular hospital is also very advanced, and the hospital is also keeping pace with the times, which shows how important it is to choose the regular hospital rather than the small store on the side of the road.

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