What is a lattice laser?

Dot matrix laser is a super pulse CO2 laser, but different from the traditional CO2 laser, dot matrix laser treatment uses laser to evenly punch tiny holes on the skin, cause a series of skin biochemical reactions, promote the regeneration of deep skin collagen, and continuously improve the skin condition for a long time, so as to achieve the effects of tightening, rejuvenating, improving scars and removing color spots.

The laser is emitted by scanning dot matrix to form a burning area composed of laser action dot matrix and interval on the epidermis. Each laser action point is composed of single or several high-energy laser pulses, which can directly penetrate into the dermis, vaporize the tissue at wrinkles or scars in an instant, stimulate the proliferation of collagen, and then start tissue repair A series of skin reactions such as collagen rearrangement.

Collagen fibers shrink about one-third under the action of laser, small wrinkles are flattened, deep wrinkles become shallow and thin, and the skin becomes compact and shiny.

◉ various types of wrinkles (type I, II and III)

◉ stretch marks, various scars (traumatic scar, burn scar, postoperative scar)

◉ pigmentation, actinic cheilitis, acne red mark

◉ large pores, rosacea, benign hyperplasia

◉ epidermal pigmented lesions (freckles, senile plaques)

◉ increased brittleness and rough skin

◉ facial and frontal wrinkles, joint wrinkles and stretch marks

◉ tighten and enhance skin

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