What is carbon dioxide dot matrix laser therapy?

Carbon dioxide dot matrix laser therapeutic instrument is a new generation of laser skin changing system, which can quickly and accurately carry out various fine laser operations. In addition to treating acne and scar, it can also be used to treat large pores, fine facial lines, skin beauty and skin remodeling, and provide personalized treatment schemes according to the needs of patients. Carbon dioxide laser has the advantages of fine incision, small wound, fast hemostasis and fast postoperative recovery. It has particularly prominent advantages in the pursuit of modern medical treatment with small surgical trauma and fast recovery.

CO2 (carbon dioxide) lattice laser can be effectively used for?

  1. Treatment of acne and acne scars
  2. Improve light aging
  3. Nevus, wart and benign tumor
  4. Large pores and rosacea
  5. Epidermal pigmented lesions (freckles, senile plaques)
  6. Remove small wrinkles and scars, reduce deep head lifting lines, improve coarse pores and thicken the dermis
  7. Stretch marks and other deep scars

Treatment characteristics?

The high-energy laser pulse is released to the tissue in a very short time, and the patient has only a slight tingling feeling, which is easy for the patient to accept.

The laser action point (burn point) is less than 10% of the treatment area. It recovers quickly and is not easy to produce pigmentation and depigmentation. Because the main treatment area is intact.

By promoting collagen proliferation, the therapeutic effect can be maintained for many years. Treatment once or twice can bring obvious and lasting curative effect. It is minimally invasive and low pain, so it is suitable for everyone who wants to get beauty.

The treatment system can complete the whole facial treatment within 20 ~ 30 minutes, and the treatment time is short.

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