What is carbon dioxide lattice laser?

At present, the most effective method to treat acne pit is carbon dioxide dot matrix laser. The carbon dioxide laser uses the scanning dot matrix mode to emit a matrix laser as thin as hair, that is, it is similar to the yarn mesh mode. In this way, the skin between dots is normal, which can quickly repair the skin while ensuring the depth, and is not easy to produce side effects.

Carbon dioxide laser is the gold standard for laser skin repair and reconstruction. It has brought breakthrough progress to patients with various scars. It can improve the texture and flatness of acne scars, trauma scars and surgical scars. It can also be used to tighten and rejuvenate skin, including coarse pores, small wrinkle texture and loose skin. Generally, through 3-5 times of treatment, with an interval of about 3 months, the degree of improvement can generally reach 40% – 80%.

Do you have any reaction after carbon dioxide laser treatment?

First of all, there will be mild to moderate pain during treatment. The pain will be alleviated by external application of anesthetics, which is generally tolerable

Secondly, there will be light yellow exudation on the skin immediately after treatment. Many people will think it is an infection. In fact, it is only the tissue fluid of the skin.

At the end of treatment, there will still be jumping pain, which will generally be relieved in 1-2h. Try to avoid touching water in 3 days. You need to apply antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. Of course, you can use sterile normal saline for mild nursing. After that, there will be a thin layer of brown or black scab similar to the grid. In fact, many people don’t realize the scab and feel peeling when washing their face after 7-10 days.

At this time, sunscreen has become your primary task. Strict sunscreen can effectively reduce the occurrence of color sink!

A few people will have acne like rash after carbon dioxide laser treatment, and even induce acne recurrence, so we must let professional doctors help you decide treatment!

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