What is dot matrix laser freckle removal

Laser freckle removal

The time to remove pigment spots with laser is relatively short, only a few minutes to more than ten minutes. However, after treatment, the skin needs to have a metabolic time, so the interval of laser depigmentation treatment is a little longer. And the specific time of laser freckle removal should be determined according to the size of color spots.


The principle of laser freckle removal is that the laser emitted by the treatment instrument can penetrate the damaged skin very smoothly, enter the damaged part, and treat the pigment of the damaged part. Freckle pigment will change under strong laser irradiation, and then dissipate by itself, so as to be cured. The laser does not forcibly remove the pigment, but through the skin for treatment. However, if you take care of it carelessly after treatment, there will be scars, and because it is selective, that is, it only acts on pigment particles without damage to normal skin.


Laser therapy has strong pertinence, obvious freckle removing effect and small side effects, but it is easy to leave traces. However, we need to pay attention to long-term postoperative maintenance and sunscreen, and pay attention to skin moisturizing maintenance is particularly important.


Generally speaking, the effect of laser freckle removal is better for freckles, age spots and blue black tattoos, but it is not very good for chloasma and pigmentation. Everyone needs a dermatologist to evaluate your skin before laser freckle removal, and then carry out surgical treatment.