Will laser spot removal leave scars?

Skin tissue has the ability of wound self-healing. When the skin is damaged by trauma, it can heal and repair itself. If the wound area is too large, the result of repair is scar. When the wound is very small, the skin can be completely recovered. If the trauma is relatively small, you need to use dot matrix laser for treatment. Each tiny beam of dot matrix laser is a tiny wound for acne scar tissue. This kind of minimally invasive injury is enough to start the regeneration and repair function of tissue, and the result is that the skin gets a perfect skin change.

Laser cosmetic skin experts put forward that dot matrix laser treatment of acne scars is effective, and the effect is very good.

Effect of dot matrix laser on acne scar

Dot matrix laser treatment of acne scar is a brand-new laser skin changing mode. It has remarkable therapeutic effect in the aspects of overall skin rejuvenation, scar, acne scar, wrinkle, stain, coarse pores, rough skin, photoaging skin, etc. because this technology has the characteristics of non-invasive, simple operation method, short recovery period and remarkable effect, it has been carried out widely in foreign countries, has been rapidly popular and has become a new favorite of minimally invasive beauty.

Dot matrix laser treatment of acne scars has the remarkable effect of exfoliative laser, but it eliminates the possible serious complications of exfoliative laser: such as infection, scar and pigmentation. Because each treatment only makes a certain proportion of the skin on the skin surface treated, some parts like “bridge” not affected by laser are retained, so the treatment becomes safer and more comfortable, the healing time is greatly accelerated, the risk is small and there is no recovery period.

Compared with all methods of treating acne scars, the effect of using dot matrix laser to treat acne scars should be said to be the best. However, to ensure the effect of dot matrix laser to treat acne scars, we should understand the actual situation of our acne scars and choose the best methods and instruments under the guidance of experts in order to obtain the best treatment effect.